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19/10/2010 14:35:36

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Reilly King

On 15th August we went to the Rat Pack, which had a late licence. I had been before & was not impressed. It soon became apparent I should have listened to my first impression. Someone from another group starting talking with one of our group. They soon became agressive & my friend tryed to walk away. They got more agressive & was thrown out. I thought that was the end of it, but the bouncer said the person was outside. I said I would phone the police & he said for me to go out & sort it out. I asked why I should go into a violent situation? Another person had overherad the bouncer arranging a fight with the guy. I told the bar staff & they said I would have to go. They were less than helpful & not friendly in their approach. The bouncer is part of a group who are organising trouble & fights. I would encourage everyone to avoid the Rat Pack. I would ask the police & licencing board investigate the Rat Pack & close it down

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