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23/11/2010 22:40:56

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS. We found the owner of the Pack Horse to be completely unhelpful, disorganised, unprofessional, rude and obnoxious. The guy doesn't know his backside from his elbow. We booked the function room and he got the date wrong twice. When we arrived for our function he said he had received an anonymous message saying it had been cancelled without even ringing us to check if the message was from us! When we got to the room he didn't even bother to come and prepare it despite being asked several times, we ended up moving chairs and tables ourselves. He complained, moaned and made snide remarks. He made us pay a £75 deposit which he said we'd get back if the function went ahead but moved the goalposts several times and in the end refused to return it, citing a load of lies as the so-called reasons, insulted us, called us names and this was in front of his two bouncers as he is obviously too much of a coward to be an ar$ehole without protection. NOTHING OUT OF FIVE.

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