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03/11/2009 22:24:58

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the grove inn is tucked inbetween huge modern glass office blocks. it has a preservation order on it and is a perfect example of what used to be on the corner of every street corner in bygone days. it is well loved by all the people who go there. it is a freindly place, frequented by musicians and songwriters, all kinds of music is played there, nearly every night of the week. rock,irish,bluegrass,folk. They are CAMRA real ale, loads of choice for the choosy drinker. food is also served though i myself have not had a meal there yet. from the railway station go under the arch past the casino , over the bridge through the traffic lights, the grove is hidden behind the new glass apartment block. right hand side of road. Also great on a Sunday afternoon in the cosy back room when everyone gets up and does a turn, these guys do it for a living though not your usual karioke rubbish , special place hope it never changes . The barstaff are good too .

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