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17/02/2010 20:19:54

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I started frequenting this pub in about 1980 when the area was "less developed", let's say. The good thing about then as opposed to now was the quality of individuals frequenting the area. Then, Wood St. and the surrounding area was dark and grim, frequented by long haired chappies with motorcycles, now the street is populated by scallies, and so-called trendy bars. That said (I think you know which era I preferred), The Swan Inn is an oasis, a place to meet real ale drinkers from all walks of life, drink beers from all over the UK, and listen to one of the best jukies I've ever heard. It smells of stale beer (and why not), the bogs though improved from the 80's are less than average. It stands loud and proud as a bastion of days gone by, sticking the middle finger up at the so called "higher class establishments" that surround it. Long Live The Swan Inn.

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