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13/07/2010 09:07:14

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We were visiting Oxford on Saturday and decided to have lunch at The Chequers Inn. Initial impression on entering the pub was good, however, it soon went down hill after that. There were 4 of us and we all chose what we wanted to eat and drink, then went to order. The drinks were ordered ok but we were then told that we could not have the lunch we had ordered (chicken sandwich, welsh rarebit, etc) because they had no ciabattas. When we enquired whether we could have the sandwiches with standard bread instead, we were told we couldn't as it would mess up their stock level. Have you ever heard such nonsense, and who has welsh rarebit on a ciabatta anyway!!!

It wasn't even 1pm on a Saturday and this pub serves food all day every day. How can they have no stock and why were they so inflexible? It was their loss as we finished our drinks and took our custom elsewhere.

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