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23/07/2010 11:58:27

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Captain Haggis

The Counting House is a Weathersppons pub an ex Bank and it has to be said it's pretty impressive looking with a high domed ceiling and ornate statues all around. It has an impressive central bar, and serves a good selction of drinks (well its WETHERSPOONS you know what to expect). A very (very) busy after work pub especially on Thursday and Friday (curry night seemingly) but it can be difficult getting a table if you want food. The food itselfs is good for what you get (again its Wetherspoons its standard in all their pubs)The staff are pretty attentive and friendly and the atmosphere is always bussling. One of the better Wetherspoons in Glasgow (the UK) I ve seen tourist pop in here and be transfixed by the building, it is amazing & worth a visit on its own.

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