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Created By: grimbk
Date Created: 19/10/2014
City: Birmingham
Pub Count: 10
User Description
Let's have start at 7 and reach pub 10 for midnight, then if still
Standing club the night away.

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Crown

Corporation St

User Rating: 3.6

2. The Square Peg

Temple Court, 115, Corporation St

User Rating: 3.8

3. Windsor

33 Cannon Street

User Rating: 4.0

4. The Newt and Cucumber

58 Stephenson Pl

User Rating: 3.8

5. The Shakespeare Inn

Lower Temple Street

User Rating: 2.5

6. The Trocadero

Temple St

User Rating: 3.4

7. The Briar Rose

25 Bennetts Hill

User Rating: 4.0

8. The Tap and Spile

Gas Street

User Rating: 4.0

9. The Brasshouse

44, Broad St

User Rating: 3.0

10. O'Neill's

Broad Street

User Rating: 3.0