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Created By: amyt
Date Created: 13/03/2013
City: York
Pub Count: 8
User Description
Hi girls' this is the planned route only - As none of us have been here before bars / route can and may change on way, if anyone wants to add or amend before we set offmore than welcome, open to suggestions. The restaurant, Silvanos is in Micklegate area but not listed so unfortunately couldn't add. Looking forward to it!! See you all Saturday! XxX

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Evil Eye Lounge

42 Stonegate

User Rating: 4.7

2. The House Of The Trembling Madness

48 Stonegate

User Rating: 3.7

3. Bobo Lobo

5 Little Stonegate

User Rating: Not Rated

4. Vudu Lounge

39, Swinegate

User Rating: 4.0

5. The Terrace

5, Fossgate

User Rating: 2.7

6. O'Neills

10, Low Ousegate

User Rating: 2.2

7. The Artful Dodger

47 Micklegate

User Rating: 3.9

8. Gibson's

129 Micklegate

User Rating: 4.5