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Created By: portico01
Date Created: 28/05/2014
Last Updated: 14/06/2014
City: London
Pub Count: 10
User Description
Rob's getting Married! I guess it's time for a STAG Party!
The plan is to have a tour of the tower, starting in London Bridge and going through Tower hill ending in St. Kathrine's Dock, in preparation for the Medieval Banquet! gear up boys, we're going on an adventure!

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Pubs/Bars In Crawl

1. The Market Porter

9 Stoney St

User Rating: 4.5

2. The Anchor

34 Park Street, Bankside, Southwark

User Rating: 1.0

3. The Old Thameside Inn

Pickfords Wharf, Clink St

User Rating: 3.0

4. The Southwark Tavern

22, Southwark St Bridge

User Rating: 2.7

5. The Old Kings Head

Kings Head Yard, 45-49, Borough High St

User Rating: 5.0

6. The Barrowboy and Banker

6-8, Borough High Street

User Rating: 3.0

7. The Walrus and Carpenter

45 Monument Street

User Rating: Not Rated

8. The Hung, Drawn and Quartered

27 Great Tower St

User Rating: 4.0

9. The Liberty Bounds

15 Trinity Square

User Rating: Not Rated

10. The Dickens Inn

Marble Quay, St. Katharines Way

User Rating: 3.3